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We have been in operation since 2004. A deep respect for each child is paramount at The Children's House. We believe that a child learns best when every aspect of his development — cognitive, physical, social and emotional is nurtured. Our students and parents appreciate our approach and have been kind enough to share their thoughts about The Children's House. Here is a small sample of the kind of rewarding experience The Childen's House has become renowned for.

We moved from South Florida where my daughter’s were in Montessori and I did quite a bit of due diligence to find a true Montessori school. Mrs. Debbie Richardson is amazing along with her assistant Stacey. She let me visit her as often as I desired which told me a lot as there are some schools in the area that will not allow you to visit their classroom. I had heard Mrs. Debbie was the “child whisperer” this is an accurate statement.

My younger daughter is introverted and Mrs. Debbie easily knows how to work with each child on an individual basis to help them grow socially and emotionally and connecting the puzzle that unlocks the key to their success as a life long learner. Mrs. Debbie nurtures them and knows exactly when they are ready developmentally to move on to the next stage for each area of learning. At the end of preschool she was able to tell us that our daughter was not yet ready to go onto to Kindergarten emotionally even though she was academically ready. This was a very important and delicate conversation which she explained so well that helped us understand that this was a gift we were giving our child. My daughter is now moving onto Kindergarten this year and has grown so much that it was the best decision we could have ever made for her.

Mrs. Debbie is also an amazing parent. I am not even sure how many times I asked her to help me through processing parental decisions including sibling rivalry. I’ve told her she needs to do parenting classes because she is so patient and kind and the response that she gives you speaks volumes of how much she truly cares for each and every child.

Thank you Mrs. Debbie and Mrs. Stacey for creating such a wonderful team to help our children grow in all areas with the kindness and love you show while doing what you do everyday!

Sherri Beckman (occupational therapist)

Sending our son to The Children's House and director Debbie Richardson for preschool was one of the smartest decisions we have ever made. Our son is creative, energetic, and has a lust for life as well as a strong will, and the environment at The Children's House was the ideal preschool setting for him. Debbie and co-teacher Stacey Travis were able to identify his natural strengths and found creative ways to challenge him in those areas. They nurtured him academically and at an appropriate level; exposed him to new experiences and cultures; and taught him the importance of being a good classmate, citizen and friend. They were able to do all this while also celebrating his innate spirit.

When our son entered Kindergarten this past year, he had been instilled with a love of learning and was prepared to take the next step in his academic journey. In his first year, he has excelled.

We also believe that one of the most important things The Children's House and Debbie Richardson provide, in addition to preparation for school, is the advice they shared and understanding they conveyed regarding our role as parents. Having the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with Debbie and Stacey most definitely taught us to be better parents and role models for our son.

Lindsey Edmondson

We are so thankful that we discovered TCH and had the opportunity to have our daughter attend preschool with Debbie for 2 years. I truly believe that had we not found Debbie and her wonderful school, our daughter would have gone into Kindergarten underprepared and without the self confidence that she needs to excel in school.

Debbie had the knowledge to identify and deal with our daughter’s fears and was able to teach her coping mechanisms that she can use every day. Debbie taught our daughter how to solve problems with others and when learning new skills. She showed our daughter through the way she teaches that learning is fun. She showed patience, love and respect to our daughter each day she was at school. I know that she would not have received the same experience at any other preschool.

Susan Surane
Both of my children were fortunate to attend The Children’s House for two years. My son and daughter thrived in the nurturing environment provided by Debbie Richardson and her staff. At early ages they were taught and guided on how to solve problems, how to become independent, and most importantly, how to become lifelong learners. They both grew in all areas: social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Debbie and her staff have a true understanding of child development. Students are provided with an inordinate amount of readiness skills and are able to move at their own pace. Our entire family benefited from being a part of The Children’s House.
Marianne Coale, Director Assessment and Exceptional Children, Community School of Davidson
"Our two children were given the building blocks at TCH, not just for Kindergarten, but for life. They experienced life lessons in social skills and about the world around them that delve deeper than your average preschool. As teachers, my wife and I would highly recommend TCH to anyone."
Adam Olmstead Teacher, and Leslie Olmstead
Debbie has a comprehensive knowledge of child development. She is aware of exactly where Marshall is in all areas of development and helps direct his learning as needed. His independent nature has had an opportunity to grow and develop. I love how his spirited nature is gently redirected when needed. TCH has been a wonderful choice for Marshall! I am impressed by the calm nature present in the classroom each morning at drop off, as well as the face time with Miss Debbie at pick up. I love that Marshall is treated with such love and respect every day at school. The fact that Marshall is able to make choices that enhance and drive his learning is something that was not available at his previous preschool. TCH is a great fit for our family!
Susan Ricks, Speech Therapist
I enthusiastically recommend Debbie Richardson and The Children’s House for any preschooler. The program is universal because it is catered to each individual child. It does not attempt to mold the child to fit the program but molds the program to fit the child. I was immediately sold on the Montessori approach after watching the positive impact it had on my son. A great example from Debbie’s classroom, was a very popular shaving cream station. Children would wipe shaving cream on an easel and then very carefully squeegee it off. This is a preschooler’s dream – shaving cream, squeegees and time to experiment! Little did the children know that this enjoyable activity was strengthening their miniature hands, fingers and muscles for future writing!

Another great example of teaching the children with purpose was snack time. She taught the children to use a special apple slicer to prepare their own healthy snacks. Each child would carefully prepare his or her own apple slices and carefully carry them back to their table to eat. I believe this was the first building block for my son’s current love of food preparation. She understood what he was capable of at such an early age when I was shooing him out of the kitchen. Now, he’s a budding chef at 11-years-old!

These are only a few of the many fond memories that I hold for Debbie and the year that she taught my son. Her experience, patience, nurturing demeanor and respectful manner will always stand out for me as a few of many the reasons that she is such a wonderful teacher. I highly recommend her to any family looking for a superior preschool experience.
Lora Shealy
"The Children's House was an incredibly positive experience for my child. Debbie and the other instructors used their in depth knowledge of child development to meet my son at his level. They took the time to get to know him as a developing person, and with impressive conscientiousness and consistency led him to new confidence in himself. I give The Children's House my highest recommendation!"
Elizabeth Watson Chaney
Two of my children have been a part of TCH and both had such wonderful experiences. Ms. Debbie creates such a warm and caring environment that promotes individualism and independence. My children left TCH with a great deal of respect and appreciation for learning, both inside and outside the classroom. They also developed deep and meaningful relationships with friends as well as instructors. Thank you, Ms. Debbie, for providing my children with such a positive learning experience!
Jill Holshouser
Thank you, with all of my heart, for providing Emily with the best preschool learning experience that she could ever have. Having you as her first teacher is one of the greatest gifts that she will ever receive in her life. Because of you she feels ready and confident to begin Kindergarten. Thank you for everything.
Stephanie Molesky, Teacher
"My son attended The Children's House for preschool. He was able to participate in developmentally appropriate activities daily. It is clear the educators love teaching and assisting students grow mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally. My son developed his educational foundation and thrived in his early years with the help of The Children's House. I am forever thankful for the experiences he had there".
Patty Quillinan, Huntersville, Speech Teacher
I have known Debbie since 2004. We met when my oldest daughter was entering Kindergarten. My middle child, Laura, would begin preschool with Debbie that year; then, my son, William, the following year. We had several wonderful years at The Children’s House (TCH) before they too entered Kindergarten. Many exciting memories and lasting friendships were formed there. Not only with the children, but with myself as well. Debbie is dependable, honest, loving, courteous, and brilliant with teaching life-long independent skills. I am always impressed with her dedication to TCH and each child and their family. Her compassion never waivers. She still takes time to greet the children and me, getting updates on their lives whenever we cross paths at the elementary school. My husband and I know that our children are forever blessed to have been in her presence during those precious early years.
Christy Godkin
TCH was an amazing experience for both of my children. My children are very different learners and both of their needs were met to the fullest at TCH. They both were allowed to learn and explore at their own pace and they both got exactly what they needed at TCH. My children flourished at TCH because they were loved, valued and respected by their teachers , they were taught to believe in themselves as learners and they learned how to make great friends. Their experience at TCH helped them to build a foundation for learning and prepared them for elementary school.
Nicole Anderson
My daughter had a wonderful preschool experience with Debbie Richardson at TCH. The environment was always calm and nurturing, and she was able to learn and explore given the powerful tools of following her own interests, supportive guidance from her teachers, and amazing materials to work with. Everything at TCH helped my child blossom during the time she was there...the words spoken by the teachers, the activities and materials present for the children, and the time Debbie spent speaking with us as parents. It was wonderful to be a part of TCH and to see my daughter grow and develop in so many ways because of her time there.
Mia Baugher
There are so many wonderful things about TCH! The caring, nurturing environment is a great place for young people to learn and develop real life skills through hands on activities. Ms. Debbie’s warm personality encourages children to follow their curiosity and explore new things. Our year there certainly fostered the self reliance and self confidence my child needed for the next step to kindergarten!
Kathy Bernardini
Debbie, I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for my children. Through your patience, love and teaching, they have developed into independent thinkers who express themselves uniquely and creatively. This summer Mary enjoyed her task of cleaning up after dinner. She spent many an evening jumping up at the conclusion of dinner so she can clean dishes and was having a great time doing it. Jack and Mary can articulate when something is bothering them and problem solve solutions. When I was at a book store, a woman came over to me and complimented me on how well the kids work together and are patient with one another. Thank you so much for making our job as parents easier. They are fortunate to know you!
Kathleen McMillan
My son was in Mrs. Debbie’s preschool for two years. During that time, not only did he grow socially and intellectually, but my husband and I grew as well. Mrs. Debbie guided my husband and me as we learned to foster and appreciate my son’s spirited personality. She helped us understand what he needed as a bright and energetic individual. I strongly believe that I am a better parent and teacher because of my time with Mrs. Debbie.

There are so many aspects of Mrs. Debbie’s preschool that I loved for my son, but her focus on helping the children become responsible and healthy citizens in their great big world stood out as unique. She taught them how to be responsible people by having them participate in every day classroom activities such as cleaning windows, washing tables, folding towels, arranging flowers, sweeping, and cutting food. Not only did these classroom activities help them understand the importance of doing chores as part of a group or family but it also strengthened their fine and gross motor skills. These activities carried over into my son’s life at home. He continues to do his part at home with chores and he especially loves helping me cut and arrange flowers from our garden. Mrs. Debbie emphasized healthy living through Yoga movements and nutritious snacks. Each day the children strengthened their bodies through Yoga and healthy snacks which they prepared and cleaned up themselves.

Mrs. Debbie also placed an emphasis on geography and time lines. My son was drawn out of his egocentric world and shown how he fits into the world around him. He still has an enormous world map in his room that he references daily for various places that he learns about at school and at home.
Kathryn Rivers
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to visit your classroom. Although, I’ve never been in a Montessori school before, I’ve been in the early childhood field for more than 20 yrs. What I observed in your classroom was amazing. The environment was conducive to children being able to explore and free to be curious. Both you and your co-teacher were great facilitators, walking up to children individually to give instructions, or directions, still giving the child the opportunity to make their own choice. The children were so polite. In school, we’re being taught that we can’t “require” a child to say please, thank you etc., because they don’t really understand the concept of being polite. I did however; like the way you introduced the concept to them during circle time, “what do you say when you don’t want something and so on. There was a lot of encouragement for children to interact with each other’s and to express their feelings. Both you and your co-teachers' voices were noticeable quiet at all times. I wanted to see the transition from center time to circle time. I didn’t even realize it was happening until it happened, it was great.
Sandra Fruga

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