Toddler Program (18 months - 3 years)

Our toddler community offers a carefully prepared Montessori environment that nurtures every aspect of the child during the most critical developmental years of life. Our approach is truly child-centered and holistic.

The Critical Years

The years from birth to age three are the most important formative years of a child’s life. During this sensitive period, the child has a powerful capacity to absorb skills and abilities naturally. At this age, the young child has an absorbent mind and literally soaks up all that is around him. He uses these sense impressions to shape the development of his own mind. His character and intelligence are being formed.

This is why it is so important to provide the right environment in which the child can reach his full potential.

The Toddler Community provides a nurturing environment during this brief period of opportunity in a child’s life. An integrated and consistent Montessori approach prepares each child individually for optimal intellectual, physical, social, and moral development.

In this intimate home-like community of up to 12 children and 2 adult teachers, children learn important social skills and develop meaningful friendships. With careful observation and guidance when necessary, they learn how to resolve disagreements and play peacefully with one another.

Each child is given freedom to develop at his own pace and explore his world. The day begins with a healthy dose of time outside, where the children enjoy unstructured play.

Indoors, children explore carefully designed materials that engage the mind and encourage creativity and problem-solving. Each chooses his own work and enjoys the freedom to concentrate on his chosen tasks for as long as he wishes.

Experienced teachers introduce materials and activities one at a time on an individual basis at just the right moment of development. The atmosphere is one of peace and order as children work alone or in groups.

Practical Life Skills That Liberate the Child and Foster Self-Confidence

Children develop independence and greater self-confidence as they learn to care for themselves and their environment. For example, when a child is ready, he’ll be shown how to put on his own shoes.

If a child spills water, he will be given the knowledge and tools to clean up after himself. Children set tables, sweep, polish, wash dishes, arrange flowers, and care for plants and animals.

Each prepares and serves his own snack when he is hungry and cleans up afterward. Teachers model and encourage words of grace and courtesy. Children learn to greet and help one another and use phrases such as “Please” and “Thank you.”

Laying a Solid Foundation for Language, Math, Science and More

Through games, song, dance and stories, they are exposed to a language-rich environment that meets their needs during this language-sensitive period. Children learn to label and classify the objects around them so they can begin to make sense of the world. For example, oranges, apples and pears are all fruit. Freedom of conversation encourages language development through listening and self-expression.

The foundation of math and cultural subject's (geography, history and sciences: botany, zoology and physics) language is laid down as the child explores real objects and carefully designed materials.

Sensory-Rich Experiences for Optimal Development

Children learn to make full use of their surroundings and prepare themselves for higher learning in the arts and sciences with sensorial activities. The senses are refined as they learn to identify isolated qualities. For example, they explore individual smells and taste fruits and vegetables; they study colors, shapes, and textures of individual objects.

Developing Motor Skills and Control

Outside and in the indoor movement area, children refine gross motor skills. They develop head-to-toe control of the body with prepared structures and activities. Children use puzzles, manipulatives, and practical life activities to develop fine motor skills.

Each child in the Toddler Community is deeply respected and is an active participant in his own care. The children are why we are here, and what’s best for the child is what drives us each minute and hour of the day.

To learn more or to plan a visit - email Debbie today at or call 704-975-6753

Our program is a continuum; it begins from the age of 18 months goes through the ages of five or six. Kindergarten is an option. The Toddler Community is the ideal preparation for participation in The Preschool Community. Priority for preschool admission is given to Toddler Community members.


  • Montessori Teacher in 3-6 class
  • Montessori Teacher in Lower Elementary Class, grades 1 and 2
  • Elementary Level Coordinator
  • Summer Camp Directress
  • Member of School Management Committee
  • Speech and Drama Teacher
  • Actress in children's educational plays and toured schools with productions

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